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Our New User#

As you progress through the rest of this course, we're going to need an IAM User we can use with sufficient permissions. Instead of just giving our user a big wide range of permissions up front, we will instead add managed policies as we move through the course, and remove them when they're no longer needed.

So, logged in as the iam-admin user, go to the IAM Users console page and create a new IAM User called cloud-admin. Make sure:

  • You set up the user with a strong password, generated by a password manager
  • You configure the user to use an MFA token or hardware device
  • You do not configure API access/secret keys
  • You do not confgure any policies or grant permissions (yet)

Once this user is in place, we'll use it for our studies, then clear it away when we're done at the end of the AWS section.