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Network Security#

Now we're going to look at network level security in AWS. This will enable us to protect our resources from (malicious) traffic we didn't request going out of our network or coming in.

Netowkr security is a vast topic. To get us started, we'll cover firewalling basics using Security Groups (SG) and Network Access Control Lists (NACL). These features of AWS allow us to control traffic flow at the networking level (NACL), and what traffic can be received on what ports at the compute level, like an EC2 Instance (SG).

When we're done, you'll have a good idea of how-to configure SGs and NACLs to help protect our network(s) from malicious traffic in both directions.

IAM Permissions#

No additional permissions are required at this time. We can continue using the cloud-admin user as-is.

Key Points#