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I'm opinionated#

This course is very opinionated. Not everyone will agree with the technology choices, but that's OK. It's less about the technologies and more about the learning.

Giving you a direction allows you to put on hold all the other cool technologies you'll want to play with, and instead gets you focused on what you need to study today to start working in IT tomorrow. Without this focus it can be very difficult to stay on track and you'll waste time studying and playing with technologies that may not help you get employed.

That's why having strong opinions is important. Without them you'll have hundreds of people on Reddit, Hacker News, LinkedIn, Discord, IRC, and more, telling you what to study and no one set of people will fully agree. There's a lot of noise out there.

This course's structure overcomes the noise of everyone else's opinion and keeps you focused on your goal: getting a job in IT.

So sure, listen to what other people have to say. You should always treat other people as though they've got something to teach you. That's fine, but don't get distracted. Don't lose focus on what's important here: getting a job in IT and changing your life.